Now Whitford’s Eterna comes in colours

Whitford’s Eterna patented-technology non-stick now comes with the added benefit of a wide range of colour options.

Now Whitford's Eterna comes in colours

Whitford says the colours add a new dimension to Eterna, which it describes as the world’s longest-lasting non-stick.

The coating was created using revolutionary, patented technology that provides better and longer-lasting release than any other non-stick coating on the market, says Whitford.

Now, the new range of colours will allow retailers to offer cookware with a dramatic difference at point of sale.

The colours shown, from top left clockwise, are Clover Green, Golden Bronze, Starry Night, Chocolate Bronze, Blue Moon, Copper Bronze, Malbec Red and, centre, Raspberry Red. Also in the range but not shown is Fool’s Gold.

The Eterna technology also provides increased resistance to staining, as well as an extra smooth surface which gives greater shine. In addition, Whitford’s new colours for Eterna can be made without the chemical PFOA.

Whitford says the technology discovered in the development of the Eterna non-stick system led to what has been one of the company’s most successful-ever product introductions.

Launched just two years ago, Eterna has now been specified by almost 100 of the world’s leading cookware manufacturers and marketers. New formulations have since led to the development of the Eterna technology in non-stick coatings for bakeware.

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