Nordicware recognised for ‘green’ credentials

Nordicware president David Dalquist was interviewed on the US television channel 5 Eyewitness News earlier this month in a report on the company’s commitment to the environment.
The report looked at Nordicware’s reduction of waste and emissions at its factory in Minneapolis. The company is one of a dozen in the city of St Louis Park that have been recognised by the city as “green” businesses.

Everything inside the 200,000 sq ft bakeware manufacturing plant is recycled, according to Dalquist. The company recycles all its paper, cardboard, plastics, metals and wood, and uses high efficiency light bulbs.

“This isn’t a fad for us,” Dalquist said. “It’s worth the little extra money to ground up the material and recycle it.” The company now produces only about 1% of waste in the course of a few hours, whereas it was previously generating 15%.

The company also recycles all its water and keeps using it. As a result, it has reduced by 90% the water needed to maintain the company.

Nordicware has made cost savings on electricity too – its bill has now been cut by 15%.

“Saving on the environment ends up being really saving on the cost of manufacturing,” Dalquist explained.

Other cities have apparently been closely watching the green partnership between companies like Nordicware and St Louis Park.

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