Non-stick could raise cholesterol, say scientists

Non-stick cookware is coming under renewed attack as a potential health hazard – this time from researchers pointing to a possible link with raised cholesterol.

Non-stick could raise cholesterol, say scientists

The chemical PFOA, used in the manufacture of some non-stick coatings, is already under scrutiny as a possible cause of thyroid disease, cancer and birth defects.

Now, a team of scientists in West Virginia who studied 12,000 children exposed to PFOA-contaminated water says the chemical could be responsible for their higher-than-normal cholesterol levels.

PFOA can enter the liver, which makes cholesterol, and high cholesterol levels can cause coronary heart disease.

However, the researchers say that more proof is needed to confirm a link. The children were also subject to far higher levels of PFOA than are used in non-stick cookware.

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