New TV series from Nadiya Hussain makes debut

Celebrity cook Nadiya Hussain returned to the small screen on Monday (July 15) with a new six-part BBC Two series entitled ‘Nadiya’s Time To Eat’, that debuts at 8pm on BBC Two.

The broadcaster said: ‘We’re a nation that loves to cook and eat delicious food. But we don’t always have the time. Unsociable working hours, active lifestyles and complicated family routines mean it’s not always easy to make ‘Time To Eat’. And Nadiya’s life is no different. However, her clever time-saving kitchen hacks ensure she can always make meal times special, no matter how hectic her life is. And in this series she’s reveals her secrets by showcasing simple but delicious recipes that won’t break the budget, and can be slotted into our busy lives.’

Trying out Nadiya’s dishes will be the people who work in the 24-hour non-stop world of food production to make the time-saving ingredients that Nadiya loves to cook with. And she won’t just be feeding the workers either – in each episode she’ll be put to work so that she can get an appreciation of the process: what goes into picking, collecting or making one of her shortcut ingredients. There will be early morning milking, late night mushroom picking, and she will be on the production lines helping to create items including yoghurt, chocolate bars and golden syrup.

Nadiya. who rose to fame after winning the sixth series of ‘The Great British Bake Off’ in 2015, will also go to the rescue of British households who struggle to find the time to cook. She will meet firefighters, truckers and busy working mums and dads, and will teach them time-saving recipes.

In tonight’s episode, Nadiya shares ‘a nifty trick for turning pancakes into a raspberry and peanut butter tray bake with barely any effort at all’ and creates ‘an omelette wrap, bursting with sun-dried tomato paste, olives and mushrooms, that’s so speedy you’ll have lunch sorted in under 10 minutes’. Plus, there’s a ‘cheat’s guide to a zesty haddock, with the fastest roast potatoes ever’.

On the road, Nadiya joins a shift at the largest mushroom producer in the country, and goes to the rescue of an overstretched mum as one of her fast-food fixes transforms the family’s mealtimes.


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