New stores for Lakeland

Housewares chain Lakeland plans to launch three stores this summer: two in the UK and one overseas.

First off the block is a branch in the East Sussex city of Brighton, which makes its debut in late July. This will be followed by a branch in the Northern Ireland town of Enniskillen in late August.

Both are in shopping centres, at 91 Churchill Square and Unit 15 Erneside respectively. While Brighton is a typically sized Lakeland store at around 400sq m, Enniskillen is smaller at around 280sq m.

When asked why Lakeland chose these locations, marketing director Tony Preedy told “We select sites if we think there’s a good fit with the Lakeland brand and if the terms offered are sane. We are increasingly sought after as a brand, as landlords and centre managers recognise that Lakeland is a significant driver of footfall to centres, with customers driving from over an hour away to reach a new store.”

The overseas shop will launch in Abu Dhabi in August. It will be Lakeland’s second branch in the United Arab Emirates’ capital city. Lakeland currently operates seven stores in the Middle East, in Bahrain, Oman, Qatar and Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, and two branches in Dubai.

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