New Soda joins BHETA

Kitchenware supplier New Soda is the latest housewares company to join the British Home Enhancement Trade Association (BHETA).

The Anglo-American design firm is based in Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire, with sales and customer service offices in the US state of New Jersey.

New Soda is known as the originator of trademarked products such as:

*Big Fork: an 11 inch giant cooking and serving fork that can be used as a turner but also features ‘prongs’ to grab steaks and turn roasts;

*Spoon Ups: a gadget that fits a round-handled wooden spoon to help keep it from falling into the pan or dirtying the countertop. The user twists and slides the Spoon Up onto the spoon, and then moves the gadget up to the handle end, to rest the spoon on the side of the pan and stop it falling into the food. It also provides a little rest that lifts the spoon above the worktop when not stirring.

*Silly Cones: these are reusable ice cream cones inspired by childhood memories of eating classic wafer cone ice creams. Each cone holds a single serving of ice cream and after eating all the ice cream in the top, the user can drink the melted ice cream from the bottom using a pull-push bottle valve,

The company says: “These are hands-on products based on our experiences. We are cooks, we are parents and the kitchen is our favourite room.”

All the items are based on original ideas inspired by a sense of fun or born of frustration that such a gadget did not already exist. The resulting range is designed to add ‘browsability’ to any housewares store, with items that customers will warm to and are unlikely to have seen before.

BHETA housewares sector director Will Jones said: “Innovation is the name of the game and New Soda really does demonstrate how practical experience of the kitchen environment, combined with open-minded inspiration, can deliver a regular flow of appealing products.”

For more information about BHETA, contact Member Services on 0121 237 1130 or visit the website at


Silly Cones by New Soda

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