New organisational structure for Fiskars

Fiskars will introduce a new organisational structure from January 1, comprising two Strategic Business Units (SBU): Living and Functional.

The company announced its plans to shift from a region-based organisation to two SBUs last month, with the aim of ‘leveraging the full potential of brands, building company-wide capabilities and increasing speed and alignment’.

In connection with the new structure, Fiskars proposed to reduce positions in areas where there were overlaps or potential to seek efficiencies. Including the addition of a number of new positions, the net reduction of Fiskars’ personnel was estimated to be 130 positions globally.

Employee consultations initiated in Finland have now been concluded and the maximum number of positions being reduced is 19 in Finland. The process continues in other countries and timelines vary from one country to another.

Plans are subject to information and consultation with employees and their representatives according to local legislation. Employees in manufacturing and distribution centre operations are not in scope of the personnel reductions.

These changes are a part of the ‘alignment programme’ announced on November 10. The programme focuses on the structural changes in the organisation, proposed headcount reductions, and the full integration of the English & Crystal Living business, acquired in 2015.

Fiskars serves consumers and customers around the world with a brand portfolio of brands including Fiskars, Gerber, Iittala, Royal Copenhagen, Waterford, and Wedgwood.


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