Neff launches Bake It Yourself Survey

To mark the launch of Neff’s Bake It Yourself campaign, the built-in oven manufacturer has surveyed mums to see how lifestyles have changed over the past four decades.

Neff launches Bake It Yourself Survey

The study of 1,000 mums under 35 years old and 1,000 mums over 45 years old, revealed a stark difference in the skillset of mums in the 1970s. While more than half of modern mums are able to whip up some cupcakes and bake a batch of brownies, less than 15% can darn a pair of socks and only one in ten would be able to make their own curtains.

Despite their lack of free time, mums today are keener than ever to add to their skillset. Out of the nostalgic skills that younger mums would like to master, baking and needlecraft came out on top.

Sue Flowers, brand manager for Neff, said: “The fact that mums are keen to master new skills is a positive move. With a real resurgence of interest in baking at the moment, we have launched the Bake It Yourself campaign to help everyone to enjoy the fun of baking and as a way of celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary in the UK this year. We want to encourage everyone to give baking a go and discover how fun and rewarding it can be.”

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