Merger creates new UK Brugo distributor

UK company DerNya Kre has merged with US company Jolex to form one global voice for the Brugo leak-proof mug brand.

Merger creates new UK Brugo distributor

Jolex is now owned by Brugo inventor Spero Pavlos and Rolf Jackson, who told “DerNya Kre was the exclusive EU distributor for Brugo and used to be reactionary to the UK market. Now that my company has merged, my role within Jolex is to appoint and manage the global distributors and sales of Brugo. I’ve appointed seven in the last eight months and our turnover has tripled!”

Brugo UK has been set up by husband-and-wife team Dan and Emma Jones to be the exclusive UK and ROI distributor of Brugo, and will launch at this year’s Autumn Fair.

The company will be showing the second-generation Brugo mug, which Jackson says is the only thermal mug in the world that allows you to drink a boiling hot drink immediately.

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