McDonald’s recalls Arc-made glasses in cadmium scare

Burger chain McDonald’s is recalling a set of four promotional glasses made in the US by Pyrex manufacturer Arc International because they contain cadmium.

McDonald’s recalls Arc-made glasses in cadmium scare

The US recall is of 12m children’s tumblers produced to promote the new Shrek Forever After film. Cadmium, a toxic metal, has been discovered in the paint used for the designs on the glassware.

Arc has declined to say whether the paint is used on other products it manufactures.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission said that a small amount of cadmium had leached from the paint in tests. The concern is that it could be transferred to a child’s hand and then ingested.

However, McDonald’s says on its website “the CPSC has said that the glassware is not toxic”, stating that the glasses “are being voluntarily recalled as a precautionary measure” and that it is acting with “an abundance of caution”.

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