Man lifts giant mixing bowl with his beard

Kitchenware has rarely been put to such a bizarre use as when Chicago resident Eamon Daly attached a load of it to his beard and lifted it in a fund-raising stunt.

Man lifts giant mixing bowl with his beard

The hirsute American chose a catering-size stainless steel mixing bowl and two giant paddles, weighing a total of 40lb, for the feat. The items were attached to his beard by means of a bracket and some rubber jar openers to prevent slippage.

Daly lifted the kitchenware for five seconds, and most of the beard remained attached to his face.

Daly is becoming quite adept at challenging the strength of his facial hair, having already pulled off several similar exploits, with each load heavier than the last. His aim, as he explains on his website,, is to raise money for a local youth club.

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