Le Creuset’s Toughened Non-Stick Stir-Fry Pan

Le Creuset’s Toughened Non-Stick Stir-fry Pan is an ideal companion for health-conscious cooks and those looking for a multi-tasking kitchen staple. Its generous 30cm / 4.7L size is perfect for creating a plethora of delicious dishes from healthy stir-fries to spicy curries, tempura cooking, even for poaching. The deep, curved side walls allow food to be tossed and turned effortlessly in little or no fat or oil, for healthier results, thanks to Le Creuset’s best-ever non-stick coating which is now 4 x stronger*, whilst the addition of a helper handle aids easy lifting. Simple to use, effortless to clean and with superior abrasion resistance, the Stir-fry Pan is built to last. Tested. Trusted. Guaranteed for life.


* Independently laboratory tested for metal utensil abrasion resistance.

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