Latest housewares best sellers now online

Dozens more housewares products have now been added to the Best Sellers listings on

Latest housewares best sellers now online

Four cookshops reveal which 12 items have really captured shoppers’ imaginations over the past few weeks and got them buying.

DRH’s innovative Camembert Baker, which appears twice, has been a real winner, along with everything from spice jars, garlic presses and peelers to mixers, teapots and saucepans. Inevitably, too, everything baking-related – piping sets, cupcake cases, cookie cutters, cake boards and cake pans.

Check them all out here, along with their selling prices and the reasons they’re selling so well, and click on any product in the listings to be taken through to the supplier’s contact details.

The Best Sellers feature is reproduced on from every issue of Housewares Magazine.

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