Lakeland reveals new products for Autumn 2014

Housewares chain Lakeland has revealed some of the key products that will feature in its collection for Autumn and Christmas 2014.

Lakeland reveals new products for Autumn 2014

The selection includes Chef’n Pull ‘n’ Slice Mandoline (£39.99) which, the 68-strong chain claimed, is a product that ‘completely reimagines the mandoline with safety in mind’. While one hand is on the safety guard, the other hand pulls and pushes the base board to slice the food, so fingers are nowhere near the blade.

Next is the Easy Layer Cake Pan Set (£14.99), for creating a rainbow of layered cakes. The user divides the mix, adds some food colouring, bakes in the six pans and then stacks them together.

Sage The Oracle (£1,800) is a a commercial-quality coffee machine which, Lakeland said, ‘in a world first, automates several of the processes that are usually done manually’.

Meanwhile, Lakeland Adjustable Nozzle Set is designed to make swapping from one size of icing nozzle to another easier. The user attaches this exclusively designed nozzle stick to the piping bag with the coupler set, and then removes or adds nozzles with one twist and click.

Lakeland added: “Our customers are always hungry for the new and innovative and so as a business, we have set up a new programme to increase the number of new products we develop for our customers and for these ideas to be truly ground-breaking. This autumn, we have two key products that fit that bill.”

The first has been developed by Molecule R. Called Volatile Flavouring, it’s described as ‘a fascinating olfactive experience that will forever change the way you perceive flavours’. The R-Evolution Aroma is a fork that the user can add an aroma to, which can be completely different to what is on the fork; for instance, baked potato with a butter aroma, which adds to the flavour without the calories.

The second, and in the view of Lakeland’s buying director Matthew Canwell, the most amazing, is ‘a breakthrough in pan technology’. Invented by Dr. Thomas Povey, a professor in engineering at Oxford University, the new Flare Pan range has been developed especially for gas hobs. Tom’s main expertise is in transferring and managing engine heat in the most effective way, but he also likes to experiment and has used his knowledge to improve the efficiency in Flare Pans by up to 44%. This has been achieved by developing ‘fins’ that encourage the flames to run evenly up the pan sides, locking them on rather than the flickering you often see underneath a pan. This means that ‘the pans heat up much faster, but also means that the heating is much more

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