Lakeland reveals its top 10 bestselling problem solvers

Lakeland has listed its top 10 bestselling ‘problem solvers for your kitchen and home’

1.Magic Oven Liner standard 50 x 50cm (£10.79)

Approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute, this dishwasher-safe heavy-duty liner lasts for up to five years. Lakeland said: “We’ve sold our heavy-duty PTFE-coated liner since 2001, and our customers have loved it from the start. Cheaper imitations can be found, but ours remains the original and the best, made from a heavier-weight fabric with a superior non-stick to withstand up to five years of use.

2.Prepr Compact Electric Food Processor (£69.99)

Lakeland said: “Speeding effortlessly through the prep, five plastic discs with stainless steel blades make light work of slicing, grating and chopping.”

3.Masha Electric Potato Masher (£39.99)

Lakeland said: “Making smooth, lump-free mashed potato every time, the Masha gets perfect, effortless results in as little as 20 seconds, Easy to use, it’s brilliant for hummus and baby food, and the aerator attachment makes it even more versatile, quickly whipping up cream, meringues and light cake mixtures.

4.Lakeland Toastabags (pack of two £6.99)

The non-stick bags for making toasted sandwiches can be reused up to 500 times. Lakeland said: “When you’re feeling a little peckish, what could be quicker and easier than rustling up a tasty toastie in your toaster?

5.OXO Good Grips Fat Separator Jug 1L (£24.99)

Designed to make healthier gravy from roasting pan juices, a strainer lid catches lumps and the gravy dispenses from bottom of jug directly to the pan. It is heat-resistant and dishwasher-safe, with a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee. Lakeland said: “This handy jug will separate the fat from the tasty meat juices – once the fat has risen to the top, squeeze the trigger handle to dispense just the good stuff into your pan.

6.Fat Trappers Fat Soaker Grill Pads x 10 (£6.49)

The pads trap excess fat inside during grilling to prevent fat flare up and feature a reflective surface to ensure even browning. Lakeland said: “Line your roasting tin or cover your grill pan with one of these ultra-absorbent pads and it will soak up any excess fat from whatever meat you’re cooking and trap it inside. As well as making roasting and grilling healthier, they help prevent fat flare-up and keep your tins and grills clean too.

7.Sonic Scrubber Cleaning Tool (£16.99)

This electric cleaning brush has an oscillating action designed to shift dirt fast. It comes with four brush heads and batteries.

8.Cotton Fresh Odour Absorbing Gel (£5.99)

This compact air freshener neutralises (rather than masks) odour molecules, leaving behind a cotton-fresh scent. It lasts for up to three months.

9.Quickshine Kettle Limescale Descale Sachets x 3 (£3.99)

This descaler in a drop-in bag that takes just 25 minutes to work and contains no hazardous chemicals. It can also be used on showerheads and coffee makers.

10.Lakeland Fruit And Vegetable Cushion (£4.99)

This cushion is designed to protect fruit and vegetables by reducing bruising. Designed for use in the fridge and fruit bowl, it can be cut to size and has a porous bed that allows air circulation.


Magic Oven Liner from Lakeland

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