Lakeland jam gadget on test

A machine from Lakeland that claims to make fresh home-made jams and jellies in as little as 21 minutes has come up trumps in a test by national newspaper the ‘Daily Mail’.  

Ball FreshTech Jam & Jelly Maker uses Smart Stir technology so the user doesn’t need to stand over a hot cooker while stirring a simmering pan.

Instead, the user adds ingredients, presses the jam or jelly button, waits a few minutes for the beep that says it’s time to add sugar, then leaves the machine to it.

The maker automatically controls the temperature and stirs the ingredients in a removable non-stick cooking pot, which is dishwasher-safe. It comes with 25 recipes in a spiral-bound booklet and makes small batches of up to four 240ml jars. The product retails at £99.

Yesterday (Thursday, July 7) the ‘Daily Mail’ published its review, in which it tested the product by making marmalade, a conserve, jam and jelly, both by hand and by using the machine.

The machine won every challenge except for jam, for which the verdict was: ‘Quick and easy with a good quality of set but a less even distribution of the fruit.’

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