Kyūkyoku set

TOG’s range of innovative kitchen knives are forged in Seki, the Samurai sword capital of the world, using methods evolved from 800 years of swordmaking tradition. TOG blades are forged from layers of highest quality stainless steels and copper which gives them strength as well as their incredible edge retention. The antimicrobial copper alloy layers give the blades their unique stripes and make them the most hygienic on the market. The Kyūkyoku is the ultimate knife set for the home enthusiast. Kyūkyoku means ‘Ultimate’ in Japanese.

This set of four TOG knives (Office, Petty, Mini Bunka and Gyuto) comes with the almighty TOG x Billy Tannery knife block to store and display your knives. It also includes a honing rod to keep them super sharp. The TOG X Billy Tannery double sided magnetic block (26x30x22cms) safely stores and displays up to ten knives. It’s handmade in small batches out of American Black Walnut, stainless steel and goat leather which is kind on your blades. Made in collaboration with Billy Tannery we’re using goat hide left over from the UK food industry that would previously have gone to waste.

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