Keeping track of today’s hottest housewares stories

A new feature on means you need never miss a story that’s catching the eye of everyone else in the industry.

Keeping track of today’s hottest housewares stories

The new ‘Today’s most read stories’ slot on the home page shows you at a glance the news that’s attracting most interest – and it updates automatically throughout the day.

Check it out daily to make sure you’re right up to date with the top stories. continues to go from strength to strength, and has more than doubled its audience in the last year. It now attracts up to 18,000 visits a month, with key buyers and suppliers logging on on a regular basis.

“I find the website an invaluable method of keeping up with industry issues and a valuable source of information,” says Lakeland director of buying Matthew Canwell. And at AIS, housewares and gifts controller David Parkes agrees.

“As far as I’m concerned, we find very easy and very useful,” he says. “It’s particularly useful in these times, keeping up to date with the situation with suppliers. Once it is [on the website] we know the rumours that have been circulating are accurate or not accurate, whichever the case may be – keep up the good work.”

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