JUDGE VERMONT – Cutlery that makes the cut

Vermont is a beautifully made cutlery set from Judge, that is perfectly at home on a table, offering sophistication, comfort, and top-notch quality. Comfortable to hold, with curves that nestle in the user’s hands, it looks and feels smart and expensive with its forged style rivet handles, and it carries a reassuring 25-year guarantee.

The retro-yet-modern feel will make it a real talking point at the dinner table, with oldies reminiscing about wedding present cutlery and young ones loving its classic look and feel.

Vermont has the knives that make the cut, forks that are worth forking out for, and spoons that are a top scoop.

The 16-piece Judge set contains the expected knife, fork, spoon and teaspoon combo. Moreover they are suitable for the dishwasher too.

Images can be downloaded here

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