Judge Kitchen Glass/Ovenware

Judge Kitchen Glass/Ovenware


The new range of glassware from Judge offers a cooking solution which will not stain. In addition, cooking with Judge glass allows for great visibility, displaying the ingredients and recipe to the full.  Finally, being manufactured from Borosilicate glass means the range can cope with rapid temperature change, allowing confidence when moving from oven to table, and freezer to oven.

The essential beauty of Judge glassware is, unlike humans and quite a lot of cookware, glassware simply doesn’t age with use! Every day it looks the same; it simply doesn’t look worn. Age defying, pure cooking vision for years: how good is that?

The Judge range includes:


  • 3 mixing bowls (1L, 1.5L and 2L) – The glass allows clear visibility for a very thorough mix. Additionally the bowls offer the perfect vessel for mixing and cooking steam puddings and fondant desserts.
  • 2 casseroles with lids (1L and 2 L)– A fundamental essential for oven-to-table serving.
  • 2 roasters (700ml and 1.5L)– Perfect for crumbles and lasagnes.

Cut and lifestyle Images can be downloaded here

See the range of the Judge Website www.judgecookware.co.uk




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