Judge Herb Scissors – the new addition to the Judge Scissor Collection

They say fresh is best… and it’s never been easier to use fresh herbs with the new Judge Herb Scissors JZ12.

The five sets of stainless steel blades quickly and efficiently chop your herbs to the optimum size for sprinkling over a salad, infusing a marinade or adding extra zest to a sauce, casserole or dip.

The blade design makes light work of the task and is kind to the herbs too (no bruising), while the non-slip handles fit comfortably in your hands.  Once the task is complete, the integral comb in the protective sheath will collect any remaining herbs, Then you simply rinse under the tap and leave to dry.

Quite simply: a clever design to encourage the use of fresh herbs, which ensures the food you create has that fresh fragrant taste we all love.

Images can be sourced from this link. Please also check out our collection of scissors on our website

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