Joe Wicks returns to Channel 4 for new Body Coach series

Following the success of his first TV show, celebrity nutrition and fitness expert Joe Wicks is returning to Channel 4 this year with ‘Joe Wicks: The Body Coach 2017’.

His first series, entitled ‘Joe Wicks: The Body Coach’, aired on Channel 4 last year.The broadcaster said that in the new series, Joe will be ‘taking it up a notch’, by searching for volunteers who are willing to commit 90 days of their lives to his regime.

Joe is determined to show the nation that his approach can help people become fitter through a mix of healthy eating, home cooking and intense but short exercises.

After 90 days, Joe will reveal the progress of the participants by unveiling ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of them to their friends and family, to show just how far they have come.

Joe is a former personal trainer turned Instagram sensation who has been inspiring people to get fit though his three best-selling books.

His debut book, ‘Lean In 15’, features 100 recipes and guides readers through Joe’s signature HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) home workouts. The follow up, ‘Lean In 15 – The Shape Plan’, also has 100 recipes – plus four new workouts. His latest book is ‘Lean In 15: The Sustain Plan’, in which Joe reveals how to sustain results while still seeing progress week on week.


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