JML launches remote control television shopping service

JML, which specialises in in-store television screen product demonstrations, has joined forces with Miniweb to launch a TV Keys shopping service that allows consumers to buy products directly by remote control.

JML launches remote control television shopping service

By embedding a television key into programme content, broadcasters can link the show to interactive content, whichever channel it is on. Viewers enter the television key with their remote control and can see the broadcaster’s on-line television site displayed on the television screen, which is also re-tuned to the broadcaster’s channel.

Viewers can browse products, access information and shop, all through the television, without leaving the channel, programme or the comfort of their sofa.

“Previously existing interactive television services have been expensive to launch and maintain, and as a result have now become redundant with a number of broadcasters,” said Miniweb Interactive marketing director Andrew Noble.

“TV Keys offers a much more cost-effective method of engaging viewers and generating additional revenue through monetising casual television viewing.”

JML products were originally distributed through high street retailers, but are now sold online and on Sky TV, Freesat and Freeview. The company now operates in over 70 countries.

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