Jamie’s culinary tour continues

Jamie Oliver travels to South Korea tonight (Friday October 14) in episode four of ‘Jamie’s Super Food’ on Channel 4 at 8pm.

The celebrity chef bakes colourful bread to go with spinach, cheese and eggs, and makes a spicy Balinese curry with shiitake mushrooms for dinner.

In the series, the celebrity chef is aiming to get super food ingredients into favourite family recipes, ensuring they’re nutritionally balanced.

Last week, in episode three, he met one of the oldest people in the world in South Korea and made avocado for breakfast, chicken fajitas for lunch, and added barley to a beef and Guinness stew.

In episode two, entitled ‘Doughnuts, Mussels and Meatballs’, Jamie travelled to both South Korea and Switzerland and cooked breakfast doughnuts, mussels with pesto, and apples with pork meatballs for a family meal.

And In episode one he cooked a chicken hot pot with South Korean kimchi; demonstrated how to make pineapple pancake mess with coconut, cashew and lime for breakfast, and showed viewers how pasta can be a base for vegetables.

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