It’s out of the gym and into the kitchen!

Recession is turning the kitchen into the new gym, according to a recent survey.

It's out of the gym and into the kitchen!

Research by New World home appliances says that 57% of cash-strapped consumers plan to cancel their health club membership and 53% will be eating out less this year.

At the same time, 36% spend up to 45 minutes preparing home-cooked evening meals up to six days a week – and, on average, 78 miles are covered in the kitchen annually in the preparation and cooking of meals. That is the equivalent of three marathons every year.

Commenting on what New World call the “kitchen workout”, nutritionist Susie Perry said: “These findings may be surprising to many, but the reality is, on average, we spend at least half an hour preparing and cooking an evening meal every day. This is all time spent active and on the move, which results in calorie burning benefits.

“Recipes which require a bit more effort can really help you shape up, especially if you dump the snazzy kitchen gadgets and do it all by hand,” she added.

The survey also found that the nation’s top five favourite meals are spaghetti bolognaise (72%), a roast dinner (53%), fish and chips (49%), stew (47%) and curry (44%).

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