Inspired Lifestyle Brands takes on distribution of Swiss Diamond in UK

Inspired Lifestyle Brands has been appointed UK distributor of Swiss Diamond non-stick cookware.

Christian Dalton, sales director of Inspired Lifestyle Brands, said: “We’re delighted to announce the UK launch of the world’s best performing cookware brand, leading the charge with its longest lasting and highest performing non-stick coating yet: the XD range.”

Bert de Wit, head of sales of Swiss Diamond, explained: “The high concentration and multiple layers of actual diamonds within the XD range means that not only can the range be considered the most superior of all non-stick frying pans, but the durability tests show that it can also be considered as having exceptional non-stick life expectancy.

“Our lab tests have shown that the range can withstand 12,000 continuous strokes of coarse sandpaper. It is a premium range. However, for such quality and durability, the range delivers excellent value for money – and more so, since we now live in a ‘buy it once’ culture.”

Bert added: “Our PR/media campaign will be centred around the fact that not all non-stick cookware is the same – as once you’ve seen the Swiss Diamond XD range perform, you’ll never use another brand again.”

The Swiss Diamond XD collection covers frying pans, saucepans, roasting pans, casserole pans, sauté pans, griddles, crepe pans, stir fry pans and stock pots.

For more information, call Inspired Lifestyle Brands on 01604 536785 or email Christian at

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