Injury-risk frypans and veg cutter withdrawn

A set of three frypans and a vegetable cutter are amongst the latest kitchenware products to have been recalled after it was discovered that they can injure users.

Injury-risk frypans and veg cutter withdrawn

The frypans can cause burns because they are unstable and can spill hot contents, and they do not comply with European standard EN 12983.

The products are unbranded but have barcode 3491952583340 and batch number 07/2009. They are said to be suitable for all cooker types and are sized 20 to 25cm.

The vegetable cutter, which is black with three interchangeable inserts, is branded Kaufland, model EAN 4300175834667.

It poses a risk of injuries because the small blades on the inserts can easily come off and get into the food being prepared, and might consequently be swallowed.

All the products concerned are made in China.

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