I O Shen’s Natalie advises men in ‘FHM’

The June issue of men’s consumer magazine ‘FHM’ includes ‘a man’s guide to ace chef’s knives’.

I O Shen's Natalie advises men in 'FHM'

The article is written by ‘blade-wielding expert’ Natalie McVeigh, commercial director of IO Shen knives.

In the two-page feature, she explains ‘how to pick the perfect knife and work it like a pro’.

Her advice includes information on knife types, pricing, handling, sharpening and cleaning.

Natalie’s comments range from ‘Supermarket knives are an abomination, absolutely hideous’ to ‘keeping your knife sharp is almost more important than buying the right one’ and ‘you buy cheap, you buy twice – invest in good quality in the first place and enjoy it.”

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