Holiday entitlement rises to 28 days

The housewares industry faces a major readjustment as it comes to terms with new rules on holiday entitlement.

Holiday entitlement rises to 28 days

Under the Working Time Regulation 1998, workers will now see their minimum holiday entitlement extended from 20 to 28 days. The increase will take place in two stages: as of October 1 2007 workers are entitled to 24 days’ leave, rising to 28 days from April 1 2009.

Employers on which the new regulations will have most impact are those that allow employees bank holidays and time in lieu of working only as part of their annual holiday entitlement. These must now be given as additional days. Staff may still be expected to work on any or all of the eight bank holidays but will now be able to claim days in lieu.

The new rules are expected to benefit 6m workers, but they will also turn up the pressure on employers’ costs.

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