Hitting the shops this Xmas? I’d rather stay in bed, says 1 in 10 Brits

UK shoppers would rather buy their gifts online in the comfort of their own homes than brave the high street this Christmas. 

An insight into UK consumers’ shopping behaviour ahead of this Christmas’ shopping rush was revealed by e-payment specialist PPRO Group, following a survey of 1,000 UK adults on October 26 by Arlington Research.

PPRO Group said the research proves how the internet is revolutionising the way we shop, as 61% of those quizzed said will be buying gifts online at home while watching the TV and 13% will shop while lying in bed at night. 

Consumers also admitted to a more unusual place they like to shop, with 1% saying they will do their Christmas online shopping while sitting on the toilet.

However, shopping online may cause increased tension in the workplace this Christmas as 17% admitted they will be buying their Christmas gifts online while at work. More men seem to be more tempted into online shopping during working hours, while women prefer the comfort and peace of their own home.

The older generation is also warming to shopping online, with close to half of over 55s (48%) buying gifts online.

The device used to shop online was somewhat surprising in an age of mobile commerce, which accounts for 36% of online retail spending. Close to half of UK shoppers will switch on their laptop to purchase gifts, while only 14% will use their smartphones and 13% will browse for gifts on their tablets.

The research also revealed some online shopping frustrations, with many shoppers complaining that their preferred payment option isn’t available (41% cited PayPal as their preferred payment method).  Close to half (47%) said they abandon their online shopping baskets and shop elsewhere as a result.

Commenting on the findings, PPRO chief executive officer Simon Black said: “Our research paints a picture of a savvy shopper who has high expectations of online shopping. They have the power of choice and the world of online merchants at their fingertips, and they know it. Plus, they won’t stick around if they can’t pay for their gifts quickly and easily, especially at Christmas when stress levels are high.”

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