Heston stars in new Waitrose ad campaign

Heston Blumenthal appears in a new Waitrose advert which aired for the first time on Wednesday (July 17).

The ad features the Michelin-starred chef being inspired by popcorn-like meteors, while watching a 3D film at the cinema. It then shows Heston creating a tub of his Salted Caramel Popcorn Ice Cream.

A passion for movies was the inspiration for Heston’s product, which contains popcorn, salted caramel pieces and smooth ice cream. It is part of the Heston from Waitrose range, which offers exclusive products created for the supermarket with the cook’s trademark twists.

Heston told Waitrose TV how he adored going to see films on Saturday morning as a child, and eating caramel-covered popcorn. “The only popcorn you could get was in a packet and it was covered in caramel toffee,” he said. “So I had this idea. Why not take my love of ice cream and my childhood love of cinema and just stick them all together?”

The TV ad will be on air until July 28. It will be accompanied by a press ads in key titles, as well as online ads on key sites including the ‘Daily Telegraph’ and ‘Radio Times’.

Waitrose marketing director Rupert Thomas said: “The quirky feel we’ve created is a departure from our usual style of advertising. The focus is on fun as, after all, that’s what eating ice cream should be all about.

“By showcasing Heston from Waitrose ice cream as the star product for the campaign, we want to show viewers that everyone can have that little bit of Heston magic at home.”

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