Heston reveals his Xmas creation for Waitrose

Every Christmas, Heston Blumenthal’s seasonal pudding for grocery chain Waitrose whips up such demand that some products have been offered on eBay for up to 15 times their retail price.

Heston reveals his Xmas creation for Waitrose

This year’s offering from the six Michelin-starred chef is the Heston from Waitrose Ultimate Chocolate Bar Dessert. Retailing at £9.99 and inspired by his favourite chocolate bars from childhood, the multi-tiered creation features layers of chocolate caramel mousse, chocolate biscuit, salted caramel and nougat mousse, all transformed into a dessert.

Heston said: “Chocolate is the ultimate feel-good treat. So this Christmas, I wanted to pay homage to all the popular treats that I, and I’m sure most of us, enjoyed as a child. There’s nothing more nostalgic than thinking about all the crinkly, brightly-coloured chocolate wrappers in the festive treat bowl, and my Ultimate Chocolate Bar Dessert incorporates the best of our classic chocolate bars. With a crunchy base, caramel middle and nougat mousse topping, this kaleidoscope of tastes, flavours and textures will hopefully bring chocolate lovers excitement and delight in every bite.”

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