Heston Blumenthal introduces gin and tonic tart

Supermarket chain Waitrose is adding three new products to the Heston from Waitrose range this summer.

An Earl Grey & Lemon Gin & Tonic Tart (£5.99) and 2 Summer Fruit Cup Desserts (£3.99) will be available from May 8, while from early June, a Hot Dog Brioche Roll (£1.39/2s) will join the chef’s range.

Inspired by the popular tipple, the tart has been given a twist with the addition of Heston’s Earl Grey & Lemon Gin. With an all butter pastry, the zesty filling has an aromatic juniper undertone and a dusting of fizzy sugar.

Heston Blumenthal said: “The tart takes inspiration from the fantastic flavours of gin and tonic. A velvety lemon and lime custard, fizzy sugar and a splash of my Earl Grey & Lemon Gin make this tart a unique and innovative take on the classic cocktail.”

The fruit cup dessert comprises layers of apple and cucumber jelly, custard and a strawberry and mint compote, laced with a splash of Heston’s Fruit Cup.

The Hot Dog Brioche Roll is created in the same way as the Heston from Waitrose Brioche Burger Bun. The dough is made with cream, egg and butter for a light soft bun.

Meanwhile, back for summer 2017, is the Limited Edition Lamb and Cucumber Burger (£3.49/2s). Heston’s recipe takes its inspiration from British cookbook archives. It uses British-bred Abervale lamb, pork, diced cucumber, mint and a pinch of nutmeg.

Heston’s summer range also includes Ultimate Beef Burgers, Spicy Goan Choris Sausages with Portuguese-Indian fusion flavours and Ultimate Smokehouse Bangers, with smoked salt and oak-smoked water for a deeper smoky flavour.

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