Hearts don’t quite belong to daddy on Father’s Day

Dads around the country may be looking forward to Father’s Day this Sunday, but a new survey reveals that mums are the more pampered parent.

Hearts don’t quite belong to daddy on Father’s Day

According to Asda, the Father’s Day gift market declined by 20% last year, with the average spend remaining static at £17. The retailer’s survey found that families with newborn children like the novelty of Father’s Day and celebrate it the most. However, they only spend on average £5.

Dads with children between the ages of 25 and 40 found their offspring tended to make a phone call rather than send a gift or card, but those over 40 were likely to spend around £70 on a family meal.

Rather than getting a mug or socks every year, older dads would be happy with just a card, while dads under 35 hoped to get Ipods, mobile phones or football shirts.

However, when it comes to Mother’s Day – which next occurs on March 22 2009 – children stump up more, with an average spend of £25. They are likely to pay a minimum of £10 on a gift, while more mature children shell out at least £25 on flowers or a pampering session.

Mother’s Day cards outsell Father’s Day cards by two to one.

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