Happy Father’s Day, Mum

Clintons has expanded its range of Father’s Day cards to reflect the diversity of modern British families.

The national card and gift retailer offers a 900-strong Father’s Day card range which overwhelmingly features cards for traditional families.

But it also includes some new options to reflect family arrangements today. There are cards for ‘father-figures’, step-fathers and grandfathers – and single mums who fulfil the father role.

A Mother’s Day card for single dads will be introduced to the range in time for Mother’s Day 2018.

According to the Office for National Statistics, in 2016 there were 18.9 million families in the UK. Of the 2.9 million lone parent families, 86% were headed by a female lone parent, with the balance headed by a male lone parent. These percentages have changed little over the past 20 years.

Clintons director Tim Fairs said: “Recently we’ve been asked by customers whether it’s time to cater for a wider range of family circumstances. Our ‘Happy Father’s Day, Mum’ card is just one of many examples of new cards that we’re bringing to our range.

“We’re also looking at a range of Single Parent’s Day cards for March 21, to reflect the wishes of parents who don’t wish their role to be defined by gender.”

Clintons was founded in 1968 and is a leading retailer of greeting cards, gifts and wrap in the UK. It operates more than 400 stores as well as a fully transactional website.


Willow Tree ornament from Clintons

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