Groupe SEB introduces 10 year repair promise to UK

Groupe SEB claims to be the first small domestic appliance manufacturer to launch a 10-year repairability programme in the UK, promising ‘easy repair’ for 95% of its product range for 10 years or more.

Explaining the scheme, Groupe SEB (which represents brands Tefal, Rowenta, Moulinex and Krups) said: ‘As well as being cheaper for customers than buying a replacement product, it also helps the environment by reducing electric waste in landfills and demand on raw materials.’

Groupe SEB has so far invested £2m in the project, which has been running for four years in Europe. It is supported by the ‘Repairable Product 10 Years’ logo, which makes it easier for customers to identify participating Group SEB products. These include blenders, ActiFry low oil fryers, coffee makers, steam Irons and steam generators.

Under the process, consumers bring their broken products to their local repair shop, or send them by post. Repairs take three to five days, depending on the parts required. There are seven repair centres in the UK and two in Ireland, with 6,500 worldwide.

There are also 14 specialised drop-off points in the UK plus further drop-off points available in major retailers such as electricals multiple Currys.

The 10 Year Repairability scheme starts from the date of purchase. If the product is delivered within its guarantee period, the repair is free. Outside that period, the price of a repair tends to be between 20-50% of the price of new product

A former factory in France is dedicated to storing and delivering all spare parts in Europe. A total of 5.7m parts are stored in the 15,000sq m premises. Half of the stock has been produced 12-15 years in advance of the need, for products that are no longer manufactured.

Groupe SEB VP of consumer satisfaction Alain Pautrot said: “Ensuring that our products have a long lifespan has been a part of our corporate vision for years, and we’re very happy to now bring 10 Year Repairability to the UK.

“A survey by charity WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) shows that 80% of consumers want a minimum two-year guarantee – so we think 10 Year repairability will give them a great deal of reassurance in the product and will improve the purchase decision.

“Our primary aim is to reduce the number of small domestic appliances going to landfill, which in turn allows our customers to fulfill their desire to be more environmentally-friendly.”

WRAP estimates that the UK throws away 1.4m tonnes of electrical waste per year, with around half recycled, a third landfilled and only 7% re-used.


Alain Pautrot, VP of Consumer Satisfaction at Groupe SEB

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