GreenPan reports increased awareness of PFAS-free as media get behind the story

GreenPan, the pioneer of healthy ceramic non-stick being first to market in 2007, has taken a leading role in the fast-growing move towards PFAS-free cookware across Europe and is working on an awareness campaign in the UK.

With a new UK team now in place at The Cookware Company, headed by UK & Ireland country manager Neil McIntosh, there is a growing emphasis on getting the PFAS-free cooking message across to both retailers and consumers.

PFAS (poly- or perfluorinated alkyl substances) are manufactured chemicals used to make everyday items resistant to water, oil and dirt. It can be found on items like raincoats, food packaging and cosmetics and are also used on certain types of non-stick cookware.

Thanks in part to features like the recent one by BBC journalist Christina Ro ‘The race to replace persistent chemicals in our homes’, there is a steady and growing awareness about PFAS-free cooking, according to Neil.

“At The Cookware Company, with our leading ceramic non-stick brand GreenPan, we are passionate advocates for the PFAS-free movement,” said Neil. “We know that some of our retail partners are aware of the concept of PFAS-free but it is probably something that consumers know less about.

“The recent BBC article drew attention to the idea that these PFAS chemicals are ‘persistent’ – also called ‘forever chemicals’ – and with a growing number of high profile media articles about the subject, more people will become more aware. But there is plenty more to be done to educate the consumer about PFAS-free cooking, so watch this space!”

PFAS are extremely durable and decompose very slowly, with some taking as long as 1,000 years to break down completely. That means that all PFAS that have ever been produced are still in existence on the planet and why they have earned the nickname ‘forever chemicals’.

There is a growing movement endorsed and fully supported by The Cookware Company to make people more aware of PFAS and how we can avoid using them. The ‘PFAS-free project’ is run by Fidra, an environmental charity working to reduce chemical and plastic pollution in our seas, on our beaches and in the wider environment. They encourage manufacturers and retailers to work towards being PFAS-free – the latest part of their campaign for instance is asking major supermarkets to remove PFAS from all food packaging.

“One of the key messages though, in terms of cookware, is that being PFAS-free does not mean you compromise on quality or performance – or be prohibitively expensive,” said Neil. “We have recently introduced two, high quality cookware ranges – hard anodised aluminium (toughened non-stick) Barcelona Collection and a stunning new premium multi-ply stainless steel range – the Premiere Collection. Both of these offer outstanding product design and performance at a mid-premium price point.”

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