Giles & Posner turns sweets into candyfloss in minutes

Using new technology, the Giles & Posner Hard Candy candyfloss maker produces candyfloss from regular or sugar-free hard-boiled sweets – as well as from sugar in the traditional way.

Giles & Posner turns sweets into candyfloss in minutes

The machine makes flavoured candyfloss from sweets including cola cubes, sherbet lemons or strawberries, pear drops, hard-boiled fruit sweets, hard clear mints, any hard solid candy and any hard solid sugar-free sweets. And you can even mix flavours to

make a candyfloss cocktail.

Alternatively, it can be used simply with granulated, caster or flavoured sugar.

The Hard Candy is easy to clean and maintain, with a detachable, dishwasher-proof

bowl and splash guard. It is also simple to use, and comes complete with a user guide and instructions for use.

Retail price £34.99

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