Giles & Posner makes cupcakes in double-quick time

This new cupcake maker from Giles & Posner produces warm mini cupcakes in just three and a half minutes.

Giles & Posner makes cupcakes in double-quick time

The company says that, with the cupcake phenomenon showing no sign of abating, the new product will make an ideal Christmas gift.

The cupcake maker is simple to use: turn the machine on, and allow it to heat up for a few minutes, add cupcake mix to each of the seven cake cavities, and then close the machine. In three and a half minutes the cupcakes are ready and, says the company, baked more evenly than if cooked in a conventional oven.

The baking tray is non-stick for easy cupcake release, and the product comes with a free book of cupcake recipes and ideas for toppings.

The cupcake maker comes in cream, and will be launched in November.

Retail price £19.99

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