Food prep and coffee drive small appliance value growth

Small kitchen appliances put on some of the most consistent value growth across the consumer durables market in the first 11 weeks of the year.

Food prep and coffee drive small appliance value growth

According to GfK, the value of sales outpaced that of flat screen televisions, games consoles and software and mobile phones.

Week 10 saw the highest value growth rate for the sector in a non-Christmas period in over 40 weeks – 9.9%. And that growth was all the more impressive in light of unit growth standing at less than 1% in the same week. It means that consumers are spending over 9% more per unit than last year.

The main drivers have been food preparation products such as hand mixers and food processors, as well as coffee makers, which registered four consecutive weeks of double-digit value growth between February and March.

Anthony Williams, account director for home appliances at GfK explains: “Many consumers are keen to pick up bargains post Christmas, and over time we’ve seen a shift in the traditional gifting period. Those with a more practical bent, and particularly those who may have been one of the few to step on or up the property ladder, may regard the kitchen sales more closely.

“Added to the mix is the plethora of cookery shows, with everything from Masterchef to Hell’s Kitchen accessible through both terrestrial and satellite channels daily. This helps create aspiration and many food preparation appliances are at competitive price points right now.”

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