First pea-based milk alternative product arrives in Waitrose

Waitrose & Partners claims to have exclusively launched the first pea-based milk alternative product: Sproud.

The supermarket chain said: ’With the ever-increasing demand for dairy-free and plant-based milk alternatives, we’re pleased to offer another exciting product in this fast growing category.’

Sales of the dairy alternatives category have risen 16% year-on-year at the retailer, driven by nut milks, while searches on for alternatives such as oat milk and kefir are up 68% and 31% respectively compared with last year.

Sproud is made from yellow peas grown in southern Sweden, which are rich in protein and contain amino acids. They also have the added benefit of being very efficient to cultivate and harvest, needing little water – around a third less than soy and 10 times less than almonds – and only a small area to grow. The peas are dried, which makes the protein easier to extract. This is then mixed with gluten-free oat oil, natural agave sweetener and vitamins (calcium, vegan D3, B2 and B12).

Sproud was launched in 2018 by a team passionate about plant-based food who also strive for eco-friendly production. Their aim is to create ‘a delicious product which closely resembles traditional fresh milk without the ‘green’ aftertaste of some alternatives’. To deliver their goal of having a low carbon footprint, Sproud has been designed to have a 365 day shelf life, to avoid unnecessary chilled distribution and reduce wastage.

Sproud Original Drink is nut-, lactose-, gluten- and soy-free. It is low in fat and sugar, with two times the amount of protein of oat milk and five times the protein of almond milk.

Sproud Barista has the same neutral taste as Sproud original but foams and froths easily. The creamy neutral taste makes it suitable for coffee and other hot beverages.

Sproud Original Drink (£1.90) and Sproud Barista (£1.80) are available in shops now and exclusively on


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