Fire-risk kettle with travel adaptor withdrawn

An electric kettle with a travel adaptor has been compulsorily withdrawn from the market because of the electric shock and fire dangers it poses.
The SKG brand kettle has a 2 litre capacity, is cordless and in made of a silver-coloured metal with a black plastic handle and lid. The base connector on which the kettle sits has a plug with flat-bladed pins.

Accompanying the kettle is a three-pin travel adaptor to allow it to be fitted to a UK socket. A sticker is attached to the adaptor which states “For export only travel adaptor”. The product is supplied in a cardboard box bearing the SKG brand, model number and a picture of a young woman.

However, the adaptor poses a risk of electric shock and fire because the holes for the pins are not provided with shutters and the poor design of the connection between the socket contacts and their associated pins results in an inadequate electrical contact that would overheat. One incident has already been reported.

The product, which is made in China, is model number S2001A-200 and has batch number/barcode 6944527406096.

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