Feel Juicy with the new Stellar Juicer Extractor

Check out the exceptional new SEA38 Electrical Juice Extractor from Stellar.

Rendered in stylish stainless steel for low maintenance elegance, Stellar’s juicer delivers maximum efficiency, extracting an average of 70% juice from each piece of fruit or vegetable processed.

Uniting efficiency, quality and value, the Stellar SEA38 stands clear of its competitors. Despite the impressive juice extraction rate, it works extremely quickly and is effortless to use. The 2 speed motor offers flexibility when juicing different ingredients; simply push fruit and vegetables into the feeder tube and watch your fresh juice pour straight out, ready to drink. When you’re done, pop all of the components (apart from the motor) into the dishwasher, or wash by hand. The process is quiet, fuss-free and maximises the health benefits of fresh juice: vitamin-rich and additive-free goodness, with none of the oxidation or additives of shop-bought products.

Quick and easy to assemble,  you could call it a Fruity Stellar buy!

Images can be downloaded from here


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