Fearne Cotton talks to www.HousewaresLive.net about her new collaboration with Smeg

Smeg has announced a new partnership with celebrity Fearne Cotton. In an exclusive interview, the TV and radio presenter shares this news and reveals her favourite housewares products and retailers.

Fearne’s debut cookbook, ‘Cook Happy, Cook Healthy’, is riding high in the best-selling book charts and the Italian appliance brand hopes the combination of her new recipes and its retro-styled appliances will inspire a new generation of cooks to get creative and experiment in the kitchen.

Fearne is a big fan of Smeg’s 50’s style small domestic appliances, which were launched in Milan in late 2014. Featuring the company’s signature branding and instantly recognisable soft curves and colours -synonymous with Smeg’s large 50’s style appliances, including fridges – the expanding range aims to offer a ‘fun, distinctive and wide selection of products’. It comprises kettles, toasters, blenders, stand mixers and slow juicers available in up to seven colourways.


Why did you choose to partner with Smeg?

I have always adored Smeg products. They are beyond cool and ahead of the game style-wise. Working with them has been a total dream at this point in my career where I’m in the kitchen a lot.

Tell us a bit about the Smeg small appliances.

My kitchen looks like a pastel dream as I have a pink four-slice toaster, pastel green kettle and baby blue stand mixer. They are features of the kitchen, as well as the technology being exceptional too.

The free-standing mixer is the most used appliance in our kitchen. We all love to bake, so the kids and I will get to work (usually before 7.30am) making bread or cakes for the week ahead. It’s so easy to use and the kids adore controlling it and being in charge.

What are your favourite items in the range and why?

I love the toaster, not only because it’s baby pink but also because you can fit four slices of toast in it. Having four kids in the house at breakfast time, I need toast to be almost on a conveyer belt, so this appliance helps greatly.

I’m also so excited for Smeg’s slow juicer to go in-store soon. I tried it out on our shoot and it juiced so beautifully, leaving a very dry pulp – showing how much juice that you’re getting out of the fruit and veg you put in.

What are the favourite housewares products to use at home – apart from your own?

I love Anthropology for plates and bowls. They are so beautiful and match our eclectic kitchen. Mauviel for copper pots and large roasting trays: they look incredible and are great to cook in too.

I also love to pick up hand-made pottery and crockery when I’m abroad. My cousin got me some sensational bowls from Greece one summer that make the table look gorgeous at Sunday lunch.

Who is your favourite high street housewares retailer – and do you have a favourite cookshop?

We have a great local kitchenware shop called Kooks Unlimited which sells just about everything you could ever need. That’s my one-stop-shop for kitchenware. Also Whole Foods is great for spiralizers, graters, knives and peelers and so on…

What’s keeping you busy?

Writing books, at the moment. I’m writing my second cookbook currently and also a book called HAPPY, which delves into the world of happiness and lack of happiness in our lives today. It will be an illustrated work book that you can write in, vent in, and use daily.

I’ve also been working on my Happiness project for [new YouTube channel] Pretty Upfront. [ITV2 comedy panel game] ‘Celebrity Juice’ will be back in September, which is always so much fun!

The main thing that keeps me busy though is being a mum. It’s so much fun but, as any parent will know, non-stop. I don’t sit down, from the second I wake up until the second is go to sleep at night. I wouldn’t change it for the world though.

What’s on your agenda?

I hope that I can continue working within the world of food as my introduction to it has been gorgeous. It’s a great community of people and I love learning more every day.

Congratulations on the success of your first cookbook. Any plans for a second?

Yes, it’ll be out next June!

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