Even the fees office wouldn’t pay £40 for a plate

The Labour MP for Hull North has been taken to task by her local online newspaper and constituents for trying to get taxpayers to stump up for expensive tableware.

Even the fees office wouldn’t pay £40 for a plate

Diana Johnson presented a bill for £563-worth of crockery to the House of Commons fees office – but it decided not to pay up, according to thisishullandeastriding.co.uk.

The website says the claim covered a dinner plate for £40, two soup bowls at £20 each, two teacups and saucers at £25 each and a Ken Hom Peking wok costing £49.

The website noted: “If Ms Johnson had spent just £8 more than the cost of the dinner plate, she could have bought an entire supermarket 12-piece set of kitchenware. A brief look on the Tesco website…yesterday found the deal, including bowls, plates and side plates, for just £48.”

One of several reader comments observed: “Let’s face it, all we are to her is a meal ticket, so why not provide the kitchenware also.”

Johnson has paid back over £1,000-worth of expenses.

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