Effective advertising, part 2: Which media?

Golden rule: the job of advertising is to significantly increase your footfall!

Effective advertising, part 2: Which media?

Which media are best?

Traditional advertising, such as in magazines and on billboards and radio, while still very glamorous may not deliver the result you want into today’s media-frenzied world.

New forms of advertising – on the internet, on mobiles, through chat rooms and in various sections of social networking sites – have revolutionised the possibilities for reaching potential customers with your advertising dollar.

What took 30 years of advertising to achieve in the past can be achieved in 30 minutes in today’s world.

Celebrity or third party influence has been used by the media for a long time, whereas group influence is a relatively new phenomenon.

Group influence is where, through the newer forms of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, people are drawn to act in a certain way by their friends or a large group of people who endorse a certain product or service.

More and more companies are using companies that advertise voucher codes, which draw large numbers of potential customers to their site to see the latest deals from a wide number of retailers.

Others, like www.groupon.co.uk/deals/oxford, use a system called collective influence, where a product is offered at an incredible price and the offer only becomes live after a minimum number of people subscribe to it.

You need to be aware today of people’s changing habits and how you can embrace these new forms of advertising.

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