E-retail keeps the customer increasingly satisfied

E-retail customers are feeling happier about web security and customer service – and numbers preferring to shop online are on the up too.
According to this quarter’s research for IMRG’s e-customer service index (carried out between September 22 and October 8) confidence in website security rose from 74% in June to 76% in October. It also revealed a 2% increase to 76% in the number of online shoppers satisfied with finding help on e-retailers’ websites when they have a query about a purchase, and an increase in satisfaction in response to their enquiries (via telephone or e-mail) from 72% to 73%.

Internet shoppers’ satisfaction with information from e-retailers on their products and services also increased by one percentage point to 76%.

Overall customer satisfaction when shopping on the internet remained at 78%.

The index also showed that the number of people who prefer to shop online is steadily increasing, the biggest swing being amongst those who buy household supplies, food and drink. The figure was up from 21% in June to 25% in October.

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