Dutch Royal VKB scoops two design awards

Dutch Royal VKB has picked up a brace of coveted Grand Prix awards for two of its latest housewares designs.

Dutch Royal VKB scoops two design awards

The GEO dish drainer was chosen by the Grand Prix jury for its “design and future sales potential”.

Created to drain just a small amount of washing up, the product features subtle “map contour” height differences that allow water to trickle away. Its simple, compact styling also means that it takes up very little space and is easy to store.

The drainer is available in two-tone blue or warm grey.

Also impressing the judges with its innovative design and practical features was the company’s Boomerang wok. Its unique, patented cupped edge and shape is designed to make stir frying easier than in a traditional wok, allowing ingredients to be turned with a simple movement of a spatula. No lifting is required, and the ingredients always end up back in the pan.

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