DuPont to showcase PFOA-free Teflon

A new generation of Teflon non-stick coatings that do not use the controversial PFOA chemical will be a major highlight of DuPont’s stand at next month’s Ambiente show.

DuPont to showcase PFOA-free Teflon

PFOA, which is used during the manufacturing process of many non-stick kitchenware products, is suspected of posing a range of hazards to health, and its use must be phased out by 2015.

Now, Teflon manufacturer DuPont has developed GenX, a patented technology based on more sustainable chemical formulations. DuPont says it offers the same levels of non-stick release associated with Teflon but without the use of PFOA. understands that GenX has already been phased in for cookware applications. DuPont says that it will use the Frankfurt show to highlight its extension to bakeware.

The company has also realigned its range of non-stick systems for bakeware under Teflon Classic, Teflon Select and Teflon Platinum seals.

An ivory colour for Teflon cookware will also receive its world premier at the show, which runs from February 11 to 15. DuPont says that upgrading the technology behind its non-stick systems has helped improve Teflon’s resistance to staining.

Ivory will be available to licensed customers in Europe during the course of this year.

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