Dragons’ Den RoastCosy claims were exaggerated

The supplier of a roasting accessory that was featured on the Dragons’ Den television programme has failed to convince the ad watchdog of the accuracy of some of its claims for the product.

Dragons' Den RoastCosy claims were exaggerated

The sales text appeared on the website of Guardian Land for its RoastCosy, a flexible chainmail cover designed to aid the resting process of roast meats.

However, a reader asked the Advertising Standards Authority whether a number of claims made for the RoastCosy – “No more burning”; “Only perfect browning & crisping”; “Reduces food shrinkage”; “Retains more natural juices”; “Protects oven interiors from fat spit & spray”; and “Stays warm allowing your roast to rest & relax without losing its heat” – could be substantiated.

Guardian Land defended the claims and provided a test report and a product review, both carried out by a third party.

However, the ASA upheld the complaint on all bar one of the claims, concluding that Guardian Land had failed to provide adequate documentary evidence to back them up.

The one claim that did get the green light was “Only perfect browning & crisping”. Because it concerned the texture and appearance of the meat the ASA decided that it was likely to be understood as a subjective view and was not capable of objective substantiation, and was therefore not misleading.

The other claims were, though, judged to be misleading and exaggerated, and ASA told Guardian Land to make sure that it held robust substantiation for all claims in future.

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